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30A Local Guidance
Alys Beach


Renowned for its white-washed Mediterranean-inspired architecture, pristine beachfront, and upscale amenities. It offers a captivating and pedestrian-friendly environment, where residents and visitors can enjoy the beauty of its narrow streets, charming courtyards, and luxurious offerings.


Alys Beach Nature Trail

The nature trails throughout the greenery within Alys Beach and beyond the Caliza bring you through winding wooden pathways that leave the trees around it untouched. 

trail in alys beach fl


Merit by Willow

A jewelry and clothing store located on the corner by NEAT that offers picturesque pieces and amazing gift choices.

Alys Shoppe 

In the Alys shoppe tucked behind the general green space holds a range of items from clothing to custom Alys Beach water bottles and is a great place to pick up quality souvenirs or shop around. 


Raw & Juicy

What used to be an airstream in seaside has turned into the spotlight café in Alys that is the ideal spot to stop on a longer trip or quick bike ride up the road.

George's At Alys Beach

This mix of a fine dining experience with a casual layout and feel makes for a great lunch or dinner outing.    

Fonville Press Market + Cafe

Start your day with freshly baked goods, breakfast items, and artisanal coffee.

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