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30A Paddle Board Rental

Best Rates on Rentals 30A
Fastest Delivery of the Electric Bikes on 30A
Wide range of premium equipment
Family-owned - we value each customer

Why Choose Us?

Best rates on Paddle Board Rentals on 30A

Free and Fast Delivery 

Wide range of paddle boards

Family-owned - We value each customer

Boards on the Beach
Blue water santa rosa beach

About our Paddle Boards

We offer a wide range of premium paddle boards to help you experience the Santa Rosa Beach waters in a fun and active way. 

Rideit offers both inflatable and solid paddle boards, and also inflatable docks. 


Every paddle board you rent comes with a PFD life jacket, a coil leash, and local guidance. If you're a beginner, we'll help you get up to speed.

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Paddle Boarding on 30A

Paddleboarding on Santa Rosa Beach in Florida is the perfect mix of surfing and kayaking. It's a fun and great way to spend time on the water while also giving your whole body a workout. You'll get stronger, faster, and have a whole lot of fun!

Santa Rosa Beach has calm, flat water that's perfect for beginners. It's usually really peaceful in the Gulf of Mexico too. But if you're feeling brave, you might get to ride some awesome waves. Paddleboarding is the best!


Paddleboard Rental Santa Rosa Beach FL

Paddleboard Accessories

With Every SUP Rental Comes:

Pfd life jaket with each SUP

Life Jacket

Coil Leash is included with each SUP

Coil Leash

Paddleboard local guidance western lake

Local Guidance

What our customers say

Rideit Paddleboards Rentals

2166 W County Hwy 30A, Suite B

Santa Rosa Beach, FL


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