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Aventon Local Dealer in santa rosa beach fl 30a rental

Your Local Aventon E-Bike Dealer
in Santa Rosa Beach FL

Experience the thrill of test riding an Aventon e-bike at RIDEIT Bike Shop, your premier local Aventon Elite dealer. With a wide selection of models in stock, you can try them out for free. Count on us for exceptional service and support, as we stand behind and service all Aventon e-bikes. Visit us today to explore the Aventon difference.

Professional Assembly Available
When you buy from Rideit you have the choice to have us also assemble the ebike for you. This is highly recommended. We properly tune the gears, brakes, etc., and balance the battery for you.

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Aventon Aventure.2

Choose your own adventure with Aventure.2, fully loaded with a torque sensor. Its torque sensor has intuitive technology that amplifies your pedaling cadence, promoting a more natural riding experience. Switch between 4 levels of pedal assist and throttle to bring you more of what’s out there without breaking a sweat. Go beyond the average dirt road with 4” fat tires, a suspension fork, and a powerful motor that will cover ground over sand, rock, or snow with ease.

Aventon aventure 2 features
Aventon aventure 2 features

Aventon Pace 500.3

Pace 500.3 Step-Through is easy access to fun! Its intuitive torque sensor amplifies your efforts and puts you in control of the way you cruise. Find renewed energy then set the pace at your leisure by switching between the 4 new pedal assist levels: eco, tour, sport and turbo. Take the longer route with its powerful 500W motor’s top speed of 28 mph and up to 60 miles in range. The all-new turn signal functionality will keep you protected on the road by signaling to those behind you when you’re switching lanes and making moves. Ride comfortably with its cushioned saddle, swept-back handlebars and an upright riding position. Pace 500.3 Step-Through reinvigorates the way you get around. It’ll feel like riding a bicycle for the first time, every time.

Aventon Pace 500.3
Aventon Pace 500.3 best features of 2024 ebike

Aventon Abound

Haul it all with the Abound, Aventon’s first ever cargo ebike! Its versatility and step-through frame puts the you in you-tility. Rack it, stack it, and load the kiddos, too! Equipped with a torque sensor and powerful 750W rear hub motor, getting around with everything you need in tow has never been easier. Let Abound do most of the heavy lifting by switching between the four new pedal assist levels: eco, tour, sport, and turbo. The all-new turn signal functionality alerts others that you’re making moves, while the front headlight sheds light on the road ahead. With Abound, the possibilities are boundless.

Aventon Abound best features
Aventon Abound all speks
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