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Our Favorite Brands

​We are proud to be a Dealer for the following brands

Don Francis

No need to break the bank to own a good quality comfortable ebike. Try our ebikes today! Check Out Aventon's Top Performing EBikes That All Come With Free Ground Shipping.


Don Francis

Our mission is to create and distribute high-quality yet affordable electric bikes giving people of all ages and fitness levels equal opportunity and access to the wonderful experience of electric biking.

Screenshot 2022-09-29 225022.png

Don Francis

ELECTRIC BIKE COMPANY strives to provide the best USA custom built electric cruiser in the world, by far, using high quality global materials, local bike builders, highest quality parts, inspected and tested in our factory, delivered to your door fully assembled.


Himiway is a global brand, with branches and customers in North America, and Europe. In the next phase, we aim to serve over 1 million cyclists in 30+ countries around the world.


We are constantly striving for fresher designs, longer battery life, lighter weight, stronger power, and more safety to ultimately give our consumers the better experience. Our commission is to put a smile on the face of every EMOJO rider. Life doesn’t stop and neither should you! Be riding high with EMOJO!

Don Francis

Our family-owned company is committed to building a more bikeable world and making it easier for generations of riders, adventures, and explorers to ride their way.


Don Francis

Ride safe and stay connected with a range of Mesh- and Bluetooth®-integrated smart cycling helmets.

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