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30A Local Guidance
Rosemary Beach


The town features a distinctive blend of New Orleans-style architecture and classical European influences, with beautiful courtyards, cobblestone streets, and lush green spaces. The community was designed to be walkable, encouraging residents and visitors to explore its charming streets on foot or by bike.


Seacrest neighborhood

Seacrest holds bike-safe stone roads with trails and streets leading directly into the rest of Rosemary Beach.

Timpoochee Trail

Perfect trail for riding any time of the day and leads into Barrett Square. 

Watersound Origins

This newer tucked-away development has a perfect path for bike riding and is soon to have so much more to offer as time goes on!

rosemary beach trail.jpg



This retail store offers well-made beachwear and kids' clothing that fits the setting and is made to fit an active lifestyle.

The Hidden Lantern 

A gem in Rosemary Beach this bookstore offers some great reads and often has author book signings or farmers markets on weekends. 


The Pearl

The breakfast goes unmatched and the quality speaks for itself.


A great stop for coffee or tea any time of the day.

Playa Bowls

f you need something light to eat this spot has great healthy options and smoothies with a fun setting.

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