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Electric Bike Shop at Santa Rosa Beach

Electric Bike Shop at Santa Rosa Beach

Explore Santa Rosa Beach on two wheels with Rideit, your local Electric Bike Shop. We offer a curated selection of e-bikes for sale or rent, coupled with expert servicing. Embrace the freedom of electric biking and make your coastal adventures unforgettable with the perfect ride from Rideit.

Why Rideit is the #1 Electric Bike Shop at Santa Rosa Beach


1. Diverse Range of Top-Brand E-Bikes

You can find the perfect electric bike with brands like Aventon, Electric Bike Company, Gazelle, Himiway, Quatekat, Euphree, Onewheel, Velotric, and Emojo to match your style and needs.


2. Conveniently Located for Your Adventures

Rideit is strategically placed just off the West Country 30A highway, making it the ideal starting point for your scenic rides along Santa Rosa Beach.

3. Comprehensive E-Bike Services

Whether you're looking to buy, rent, or service an e-bike, Rideit is your all-in-one destination for all things electric biking, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Rideit Services


  1. Purchasing an E-Bike

At Rideit, shop confidently among the top electric bike dealers in Santa Rosa Beach. Experience a test ride, get expert advice, and enjoy flexible financing. Our after-sales support and warranties ensure a seamless journey into electric biking.


  1. Renting an E-Bike

Renting an e-bike from us is a breeze with flexible options that cater to your schedule. Enjoy attractive e-bike prices for hourly, daily, or weekly rentals. Our straightforward waiver process guarantees you're on the move swiftly and securely.


  1. Servicing an E-Bike

Our comprehensive servicing, including professional assembly, keeps your electric bike in prime shape. Specialists at Rideit perform battery maintenance, tire inspections, software enhancements, and more, guaranteeing your e-bike's performance and longevity.

Your Santa Rosa Beach Adventure on a Rideit E-Bike

With our e-bikes at Rideit, you're all set to explore the wonders of Santa Rosa Beach:

  • Bike Trails: Cruise along the Timpoochee Trail or next to the serene waters of Eastern Lake, taking in the beauty at your leisure.

  • Culinary Stops: Whether you're up for a beachside meal at Bud & Alley’s or an espresso at Bad Ass Coffee, our e-bikes provide the convenience to indulge your taste buds.

  • Iconic Attractions: Navigate through the Canopy Walk, experience the distinct atmosphere of Rosemary Beach, or admire the architectural sophistication of Alysbeach.

Find more Santa Rosa Beach hotspots on our 30A local guide page.

Hear from Our Happy Customers

Hear from the riders themselves! Our customers' testimonials offer a genuine glimpse into the exceptional experiences provided by Rideit.

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Get Started with Rideit

If you're searching for a thrilling way to explore this region, our premier e-bike store in Santa Rosa Beach, Rideit, is here to help with various e-bikes to buy, rent, or service. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the best electric bike to complement your coastal excursions.

Contact us for an effortless experience and reliable assistance. We're dedicated to ensuring that your experience is unforgettable, thanks to our top-quality e-bikes and services.

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