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One of the Best Activities on 30A

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

There are so many great outdoor activities to enjoy on 30A.

30A Highway is known for its winding roads and beautiful beaches, but it can be hard to know what outdoor activities to do when you're here.

Rent paddleboards and electric bikes from us and explore the area in a whole new way! With our high-quality gear, you're sure to have a great time. With its ongoing miles of trails and lakes to explore, you're sure to have a blast with our paddleboards and electric bike rental on 30A to explore the area like never before.

Some Of The Best Biking Trails We Recommend Are

  • The Timpoochee Trail

This biking trail smoothly 'parallels' the entire scenic road course while meandering through all the famous beach communities on 30A. During your exhilarating biking session, get a closer peek at the coastal wildlife that is only found in Florida.

· The Eastern Lake Trail

This bike trail is for the more adventurous at heart! It is situated within the Point Washington State Forest, which comes with a system of three-mile, five-mile, and 10-mile trail loops.

To fully enjoy these bike trails, you can get the Magnum electric bikes such as the Magnum Nomad, Magnum Scout, and Magnum Summit bikes. They come with 'fat' tires to weather the rough terrain and long-lasting

power that will not fail you! Also try the Aventon electric bikes, which have a step-through frame, to boost comfort and improve overall functionality for a better biking experience!

Not A Fan of Biking? Try Out Stand-Up Paddleboarding!

Paddleboarding is one of the best activities on 30A. Not only is Paddleboarding a great workout, but it's also a lot of fun. It's easy to learn, doesn't require any special gear or experience, and is always a blast. Plus, it's great exercise!

You can explore the coastline and see all kinds of wildlife. Plus, if you're new to paddleboarding, our experts will help you get started.

Nothing comes close to the feeling of gliding across the water and enjoying the gentle Gulf breezes swooshing past you. What paddleboard should you get? The ISLE paddleboards are some of the best stand-up paddleboards at 30A. The range between the ISLE Explorer, ISLE Pioneer, and the ISLE Cruiser. These are beautifully designed and give you maximum stability for a great performance in all weather conditions. In addition, they easily fit in your backpack when deflated.

Final Take Away

There are a lot of activities to choose from when you're on Hwy 30A, but paddleboarding and biking are some of the best ways to have a great time! Come to our store and experience the best paddle boarding and biking around. We are arguably the most popular rental and retail store for paddleboards and electric bikes in the Santa Rosa Beach, FL area, Hwy 30A. We offer some of the best equipment and have a team of experts who can help to choose the right product.


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