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30A Local Guidance

The town features a collection of pastel-colored cottages, white picket fences, and quaint streets lined with boutique shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Seaside's central square, known as Ruskin Place, serves as a vibrant hub for community events, live music, and outdoor dining. With its pristine beaches, scenic bike paths, and a focus on pedestrian-friendly streets, Seaside offers a delightful seaside escape where visitors can relax, explore local culture, and soak up the coastal ambiance.


Watercolor and Seaside Trails Loop

This trail sits behind the seaside and watercolor neighborhood and wraps itself around restaurants, shopping, and amazing scenery. This trail is perfect for riding or walking and its proximity to the western lake opens the opportunity to bring paddleboards to the multiple docks.

watercolor trail



The Art of Simple

This gift shop located on the corner of Seaside has some of the most unique art pieces and kitchen supplies in the area with so much to see.

Central Square Records 

Stand-out music store above Sundog store and an expanded collection of vinyl records and CDs.

Modica Market

Known for the scenes in the movie "The Truman Show" this store has a lovely and inviting feel and is a must-see if visiting. 


Meltdown on 30A

This airstream right across from the beach has effortlessly perfect grilled cheese and a simple menu to keep you going for the rest of your bike ride.

Great Southern Café

Sitting center stage in the town square this restaurant offers mind blowing choices of seafood mixed with a southern touch.  

Black Bear Bread Co.

Start your day with freshly baked goods, breakfast items, and artisanal coffee.

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